Download Traktor DJ 2 [Full & for Free] Windows / Mac / iPad

TRAKTOR is one of the great software in the DJ world, this time Native Instruments offers us TRAKTOR DJ 2 for computers and iPad 🙂

Download Traktor DJ 2

How to Download Traktor DJ 2?

⬇ Just click on the appropriate button depending on whether you want to use it on your computer (Windows / Mac) or iPad and follow the steps, it’s totally free.
For computer: Native Instruments will ask you to create an account on their website and download Native Access. You will be able to download Traktor DJ 2 for free from Native Access. 

Download TRAKTOR DJ 2 for Windows

Download it for Windows

Download TRAKTOR DJ 2 for Mac

Download it for Mac

Download TRAKTOR DJ 2 for iPad

Download it for iPad

✅ This is the latest version available.
Fast and secure download, the link comes from the official source: Native Instruments.
ℹ Traktor DJ 2 is totally free. Not so other versions like Traktor Pro 3.
ℹ Native Instruments recommends at least Windows 10 or Mac OSX 10.12 and 4 GBs of Ram. In the case of iPad, at least iOS 11.0.

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Is TRAKTOR DJ 2 free?

Yes, it’s the DJ software that Native Instruments officially offers for free, so it’s full and without limitations. You can access to the download from this page.

What is TRAKTOR DJ 2 compatible with?

It is mainly focused on TRAKTOR controllers, such as the KONTROL S2, S4, S3, Z1 or the Audio MK2, but offers more compatibility with MIDI controllers. As it is free it is recommended to try it out.

Functions and Features 👍:

  • It is an intuitive software, whether you are a professional or a beginner you will easily get the hang of the program.
  • You can work with 2 channels.
  • You can record yourself (something to be thankful for! not all free software allow it).
  • You can use it legally both at home and at events
  • You have all the basic functions of a DJ software: SYNC, Hot CUEs (x8), Loops, Equalizers…
    • You have a multifunction knob for effects: Filter, Reverb, Delay and Gate.
    • It allows you several view modes.
    • FREEZE mode: freezes the track and you can work it as a sampler, playing specific parts, this is very interesting, but you can only do it on iPad (by touching directly the sections of the track with your finger).
    • Flux mode: to help you Scratch.
    • Pre-listening function (but only with controllers, or at least I have not been able to activate it working with a sound card).
    • It has a “Track Matching” track recommendation system to help you choose the next track, which takes into account the BPM and the key of the track that is playing. Very useful tool!
  • You can work with SoundCloud Go+, you can load tracks from there.
  • You can use it with controllers, but only TRAKTOR’s own controllers, you can see the list here (you have to scroll down a bit).
  • They keep updating it, this is a very positive thing because they can keep expanding features and improvements. There is talk that they could include other platforms such as Spotify or increase its compatibility to more controllers.

Having a totally free version of Traktor, in my opinion is a great gift, hopefully it will continue like this for the next years 🙂

You may also be interested in Download Virtual DJ, it is also free.

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